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Lana has a wide range of historic buildings. In the area in and around the village, there are 40 churches and chapels, cloister and convents, built during the last 1,000 years. One of the most impressive buildings is the Niederlana parish church with it famous Schnatterpeck altar. It is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Late Gothic era in South Tyrol. In addition, there are numerous fortresses and castles in the surrounding area, which are particularly marked by art, painting and crafts.

Special destinations to visit are the Kränzl winery and labyrinth garden, the orchard museum in Lana, as well as the Knottn cinema and the gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff – all in the nearby area. There are a number of unique theme and adventure trails nearby, such as the South Tyrolean sculpture hiking trail or the chestnut adventure path.

”Nice pool and good food, short walk to the Vigiljoch cable car and the center of Lana.”

Karen, August 2018  HolidayCheck

South Tyrolean cehstnut experience trail in Völlan, Lana
The South Tyrolean chestnut experience trail in Völlan above Lana.
Schnatterpeck altar in the parish church of Lana
The magnificent winged altar in the parish church of Niederlana.
Church, Places worth seeing in Lana
Lana boasts over 30 churches and chapels.
South Tyrol's fruit producing municipality in Lana
Lana is South Tyrol's largest fruit producing municipality.
fruit producing municipality in Niederlana
The fruit-growing museum gives an overview on aspects of agricultural life.
Labyrinth Garden Kränzel in Cermes
The Labyrinth Garden Kränzel in Cermes.

Only 15 minutes by foot from Hotel Weingarten, you will come to the Vigiljoch cable railway, which transports you within minutes to the Vigiljoch, a popular mountain near Lana. The landscape comprises of great panoramic views of the Dolomites, many charming and historic holiday lets, as well as the famous St. Vigilius chapel.

The Schnatterpeck altar

The Niederlana parish church is a very beautiful building, dating back to the South Tyrolean Late Gothic era. It is famous due to its magnificent wing altar: the Schnatterpeck altar. The entire altar is carved from chestnut wood and has been gilded extravagantly. At a height of more than 14 metres and a width of 7 metres, it is the largest wing altar in the entire Alpine region.

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Orchard museum

Lana has a great tradition in cultivating fruit and is the largest fruit community in South Tyrol. More than 500 agricultural enterprises in Lana harvest the incredible amount of 60 to 70,000 tons (!) of apples every year. You can gain insight into the agricultural life of South Tyrol at the South Tyrolean Orchard Museum in Lana

More information: Orchard museum

The Kränzl labyrinth garden

The 650 year old Gothic residence Kränzl in Tscherms has many faces: it is a wine-growing estate, restaurant, labyrinth garden and a place for art exhibitions and mediations alike. The 20,000 m2 large labyrinth garden is a piece of art in itself. It is situated between the gardens, the wine cellars and the art house, which have been continuously enlarged since its start in August 2006. 

More information: The Kränzl labyrinth garden

The gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff

Today, the gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff in Meran are one of the most popular destinations in South Tyrol. They are one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. In an area of 12 hectares, there are 80 garden landscapes from all over the world. The architectural centre of the gardens is the lavish Castle Trauttmansdorff.

More information: The gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff

Knottn cinema

The Knottn cinema is a look-out of a special type and definitely worth visiting. It is located on the Tschögglberg right above Meran. There are 30 unique seats, which offer you great views of the surrounding mountain regions, from the Texel Group Nature Park to the Dolomite mountains and further to the Penegal. The look-out was built by the artist Franz Messner in the year 2000.

More information: Knottn cinema

Sculpture hiking route

The sculpture hiking route is a unique landscape art project, which is being extended bit by bit. It stretches along the entire Brandis-Waalweg (irrigation channel route) and the Länd promenade to the Falschauer biotope and from there to the Gaul canyon. Along the way, you will discover new, unique sculptures.

More information: Sculpture hiking route

Chestnut adventure path

The chestnut adventure path is a 2 kilometre long, flat and easily manageable circular route, which leads you through the picturesque chestnut groves of Völlan above Lana. Following this teaching trail, you will discover 10 areas with all kinds of elements, which explain the importance and meaning of the chestnut tree, as well as the noble chestnut tree for mankind.

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